Learning Academy Pre-School, Garland Texas, 972-494-3096; First United Methodist Church of Garland
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About the Learning Academy

The Learning Academy focuses on the needs of children, the ways they develop and learn, and provides unique experiences for enrichment in a loving environment.

Mentally: Our children learn through age-appropriate curriculum using a variety of activities and learning styles. This is achieved in a happy environment and under careful, well-trained guidance. Graduates of our 4-year old program are well prepared to enter Kindergarten.

Socially: Social-emotional development is a foundation for young children. Children learn to interact through play, sharing, following directions, teamwork, and communicating. This provides an opportunity for children to make choices.

Physically: Our staff strives to provide learning opportunities that help each child reach milestones in all areas of development. Our school has excellent outdoor and indoor play spaces for games, music, and drama. We experience the richness of everyday living, the hurts, the joys, the needs and the fulfillment in honest and open ways.

Emotionally: Our mission is to provide a safe haven for all children to feel God’s powerful, unconditional love for them, and to understand how to give God’s love to others.

Spiritually: Children learn the love of parents, teachers, and other caregivers who embody God’s presence in our world. They have an innate connection to God and readily recognize God’s presence all around them. We encourage their wonder, joy, thanksgiving, and praise while modeling prayer, sharing Biblical stories of our faith, and developing their faith language. They have the opportunity to talk about God’s presence in their daily lives and be heard and guided by adults with caring hearts, minds, and souls.

Some of the Learning Academy's Terrific Kids
"We absolutely love this place! The structure and curriculum are great. It's also heartwarming when we walk the halls and ALL of the teachers there know his name, not just the teachers in his classroom. " --Tori G.

Class Size and Teachers

Why the Learning Academy?

• Highly Trained Teachers
• Low student teacher ratio
• Team Teaching
• Developmentally aged
• Strong parent involvement
• Highly recommended by past    and present families
• On site Director
• Licensed by the State of Texas

Due to the support of the FUMC Garland congregation and our Weekday Ministry Board, we are able to maintain teacher-student ratios which are lower than State of Texas minimum guidelines. Check out our classrooms and play areas.

The children are exposed to a full range of learning opportunities including- but not limited to: Music, Chapel, Spanish, Computer Literacy, and Science. Team teaching and low ratios allow Learning Academy's highly trained and experienced teachers, the opportunity to bond with each child. This gives the teacher the opportunity to learn about each child's individual needs.

By learning as much as possible about the student, our teachers can provide the best educational and developmental experience as possible. Working with children in a positive and successful way takes a true talent. This special talent is evident in every Learning Academy teacher’s unique dedication and enthusiasm for teaching.

Call the Learning Academy today at 972-494-3096 to schedule your visit!